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Our Services

UNIX/Linux System Engineering

  • Performance tuning, security auditing, installation and support services for all Linux distributions and also for IBM AIX and SUN Solaris.
  • Unix-NT integration, TCP/IP network management and Oracle database administration.
  • SAN design, implementation and administration.
  • Design, setup, administration, tuning and high availability setup RS/6000 and RS/6000 SP
Red Hat Linux, BIND, Sendmail, Apache, Samba

Application Development

Custom built, web-enabled, database driven (PostgreSQL and Oracle) applications, written in Perl, PHP or Java. Our web application server of choice is Zope.
Apache, Zope, Perl, Oracle, PHP

Internet Solutions

Consultancy for internet business applications. Thorough analysis from hardware to software, minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.

Educational Services

Customized UNIX/Linux and Perl courses for beginners and experts.

Our Certificates

  • IBM Certified Specialist RS/6000 SP & PSSP V3
  • IBM Certified Specialist AIX V4.3 System Administration
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • Brocade Certified Fabric Professional (BCFP)

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